4 Ayurvedic Tips for Teeth Whitening

Smile is a universal language that not only makes a person attractive but also people love to socialise with people who are jovial and smile a lot. Unfortunately, when it comes to dental health it is a matter of concern for many, from yellowing of teeth to cavity formation makes it difficult for people to maintain their teeth. Preserving a beautiful smile is everybody’s desire, and since not many dental products available in the market show a promising result, people continuously search for the most effective product. Switching to Ayurveda in this case can be a prudent decision as it can offer the result that you are looking for! So, if you are someone who is looking for the best Ayurvedic tips and dental products, here are some of the best tips and online Ayurvedic products that you can have a look at.


Ayurveda has long valued clove for its strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Its antimicrobial properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and toothache-relieving properties make it an invaluable oral care tool. Teeth can be naturally whitened by mixing your own toothpaste with clove powder or adding clove essential oil to your routine.

Alternatively, you can also use Akansha Herbal’s Dantaruchi tooth powder made up of all-natural herbs like clove, cinnamon and others. You can buy the online Ayurvedic products from Akansha Herbals online store.


While cinnamon is an essential herb in many recipes, what makes it extraordinary is its medicinal value. The antibacterial properties present in it help a great deal with dental health. Creating a mouth rinse solution by adding a pinch of cinnamon powder to your toothpaste can be extremely effective in getting rid of cavities, and yellow stains.


Vidanga is well-known for its ability to detoxify, which helps to remove toxins from the mouth and maintain general oral health. A homemade mouthwash made with vidanga leaves teeth less yellow and reduces plaque.

You also use other herbal products if you are running short of time. For instance, at Akansha Herbal’s online store, you can buy herbal products.


When it comes to jatimala aka nutmeg, the antimicrobial properties present in it help to combat the yellow stains on teeth, also it freshens the breath, combat the growth of bacteria. No doubt the result it shows makes it a very reliable ingredient.


Seeking a brilliant smile through Ayurveda can be a prudent and beneficial move. Ayurvedic principles are natural and holistic, addressing dental issues at their core and providing long-term oral health solutions that are sustainable. A naturally brighter and healthier smile can be yours if you incorporate these Ayurvedic tips into your routine, whether you make your own homemade oral care blends or use the best online Ayurvedic products for instance from Akansha Herbals that are sold online. A truly radiant smile that reflects not just dental health but overall well-being can be achieved by embracing the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, and bidding adieu to conventional dental problems.

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