Ayurvedic Natural Remedies To Cure Pigmentation

We all dream of having flawless skin free from any blemishes or dark spots. But it is easier said than achieved. A lot of the time, our skin suffers from pigmentation concerns such as dark spots, uneven patches, or tanning marks. This can be caused by hormonal imbalance, exposure to UV rays, inflammation, diabetes, or medication side effects. Pigmentation is one of the most common problems in skincare and you can find several beauty products to address these problems.

Akansha Herbal has a wide range of Ayurvedic skin care products that fight the root causes of pigmentation to give you healthy, flawless skin. Listed below are some of the most effective herbs to get rid of dark spots naturally.


Manjistha is an Ayurvedic herb that comes with innumerable benefits for your skin health. It is a blood purifier that helps remove toxins from the body. Manjistha has a bitter, acidic, and sweet taste which pacifies the pitta in your body. It treats your skin from the inside and enhances the fading of the dark spots on your skin. It also gives you healthy, younger looking skin. Manjistha can be included in your skin care routine in multiple ways. Consume two Manjistha capsules daily to treat your dark spots effectively. You can also use Akansha Herbal’s Twakmadhuri Face Pack for both normal and dry skin to get rid of freckles and spots.


Saffron is a popular natural ingredient used in many beauty products. It is one of the miracle herbs found in Ayurveda with multiple skin benefits. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it lightens skin colour, improves skin texture, fights signs of ageing, and reduces pigmentation. Saffron has high amounts of Vitamin A and C which promotes collagen production and fights against dark spots, blemishes, and scar marks. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays and lightens and evens skin tone. Soak a few strands of saffron overnight and mix it with two teaspoons of turmeric powder making a paste. Apply this to your face twice a week to help reduce pigmentation.


Aloe vera is one of the best Ayurvedic ingredients to get rid of pigmentation naturally. It lightens dark spots and scar marks, reduces tanning, and clears uneven skin tone. Aloe vera gel contains a substance called ‘aloin’ which is a depigmentation agent that reduces dark spots on your skin. It can make even the most stubborn marks fade away naturally. Aloe vera also speeds up the process of new cell creation to replace the older, pigmented cells. There are many Ayurvedic skin care products that use aloe vera gel as a key ingredient. Akansha Herbal’s Tanujjal Face and Body Scrubber gently scrubs away all impurities and dead skin cells to give you healthy, clear skin.


Green tea is one of the best natural remedies for pigmentation. It contains many powerful antioxidants, notably catechins, which fight against dark spots and early signs of ageing. Green tea flushes out all toxins, repairing your skin on a cellular level.It improves blood circulation, preventing inflammation and acne which could sometimes be the cause for pigmentation. Green tea also has a soothing effect on your skin. Akansha Herbal’s Namrata Moisturiser can be used effectively for pigmentation treatment on dry skin.


Nothing compares to the goodness and effectiveness of natural ingredients used in Ayurvedic skin care products. Akansha Herbal products fight against the problems of dark spots and pigmentation naturally.

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