Top Ayurvedic Tips For Oily Skin Treatment

Excessive oil secretion leads to a series of skin problems like acne, whiteheads, pimple, blackheads, and more. This is why essential care is required to nourish your skin health and establish a proper oil balance in the skin. However, most products sold in the market are excessively chemical ladened and as a result, harms the skin on application.
To help you effectively treat your oily skin and control oil production, here are some of the best Ayurvedic tips for you to include in your skincare routine. Also, you can buy herbal beauty products from Akansha Herbal, a range of products that are manufactured using Ayurvedic formulas and are beneficial for several oily skin related ailments.


Sandalwood is known to work extremely well on oily skin by controlling excessive oil secretion. The antiseptic property helps to ward off oily skin problems like acne, pimple and sores. You can use the powder form of sandalwood by mixing it with water, rose water or milk and applying it to your skin. Alternatively, you can get the same benefit by using Akansha Herbal’s Subarna, an Ayurvedic face wash product for oily skin, which on regular application helps to control multiple oily skin related problems.

Multani mitti

Another extremely beneficial and underrated Ayurvedic product is Multani mitti or Fuller’s Earth. The cooling and anti-inflammatory properties of Fuller’s Earth helps to pull deep-seated dirt from the skin pores when applied in a paste form. This clay also helps by absorbing excessive oil and helps to restore the natural glow of the skin by facilitating proper blood circulation to the skin cells. Also, regular application of Akansha Herbal’s Rupam, a pack for treating pimples, gives you glossy skin without pimples or rashes.


Daruharidra is an Ayurvedic herb found at great altitudes and is extremely valuable when it comes to healing ailments. This shrub has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and works powerfully in treating oily skin. You can also use Akansha Herbal’s Tanuruchi face pack, it has great benefits when it comes to controlling oil secretion and healing skin from scars and spots.


Neem is another Ayurvedic product that provides a miraculous result when used for treating oily skin problems. It is an extremely well-known product for its antiseptic properties and has multiple benefits like stimulating collagen production, reducing scars from acne, balancing oil secretion and others. For any oily skin ailments, you can use neem without sparing second thought and in all likelihood get the best result on continuous application. Similarly, you can also go ahead with Akansha Herbal’s Ayurvedic product range which will give you the same result and buy herbal products online.


The bark of Arjuna, as per Ayurvedic sources, has loads of medicinal benefits. Also thanks to its astringent, bitter and pungent qualities, it is acknowledged as a skin-friendly element. It has cooling agents and hence, works great on skin problems related to oily skin. Additionally, its antioxidant properties help in sebum production and strengthen the skin barrier. Thus, this is an excellent remedy for various skin problems.

Final words

Oily skin leads to stubborn skin related problems which don’t heal easily. Ayurvedic solutions over the years have provided great results in this case. Thus, in case you are looking for effective tips that will work to improve your oily skin, then you can follow the above tips. Also, you can take a look at Akansha Herbal’s vast range of products to treat your oily skin and buy herbal products online.

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