4 Best Ayurvedic Solutions to Fix Uneven Skin Tone

The invention of cosmetic skin care products like concealers, foundations, and others has made it easy for you to hide those patchy and darker skin areas. However, they are just like wigs covering baldness; what we mean to say is that they are temporary solutions. We can bet that once at the end of the day, you wash off the makeup, the pigmentation reappears and disappoints you. Now, in all honesty, uneven skin tone is difficult to correct and requires patience and a consistent skincare regimen to reverse. Additionally, you should be aware that picking the proper product is crucial. Hence, switching to Ayurvedic skin care products and ingredients can be the ‘holy grail’ that you are looking for! In this blog, we have discussed some of the top Ayurvedic solutions, so scroll down to take a look at the Ayurvedic ingredients.

Top 4 Ayurvedic Solutions to Cure Uneven Skin Tone

Patchy, pigmented skin tones are a common skin issue that we notice today. However, there aren’t many solutions available when it comes to fixing the issue. Additionally, it takes time to fade away. So, with time and a little bit of patience, you can try out these suggestions from a top brand, namely Akansha Herbals, and fix your issue.

Watermelon seeds

Uneven skin tone is typically identified when certain parts of the skin seem darker than others. Omega acids and minerals found in abundance in the watermelon seed oil function together to reduce hyperpigmentation. Hence, this wonderful fruit, which helps to keeps us hydrated on hot summer days, also is beneficial for us both when consumed or used in other ways.

If you wish to get the same result, you can choose skin care products from the Akansha Herbal’s Ayurvedic skin care products range.


To treat uneven skin tone, you can use Ashwagandha. When you apply the paste of this ingredient to your skin, it can boost the production of collagen, which has the capacity to rejuvenate and repair the epidermal layer. You must mix some warm water with some Ashwagandha powder before applying it to the pigmented areas. Remove the paste with water after 15 minutes.

For the same result, you can also use Akansha Herbal’s Angarag black patch pack and get the best result.


The bark of the Arjuna plant is extremely beneficial for uneven skin. Because of this ingredient’s excellent medical qualities, in addition to treating other skin conditions, it can also aid in the elimination of uneven skin tone. What you can do is combine milk and arjuna powder to produce a paste.

For the same result, you can go ahead and buy herbal beauty products from Akansha Herbals to get rid of skin pigmentation.


Turmeric is an extremely useful Ayurvedic ingredient that can help fade away skin pigmentation. The presence of curcumin reduces melanin production and lightens the skin tone. You will be surprised to see that your skin tone brightens and dark spots and pigmentation fade away. Just use the turmeric powder on your skin, making a paste of it, and see how the dark spots fade away.

Take away

You will definitely come across several cosmetic products that claim to fix pigmentation issues; however, by now you have probably tested a few of them and know the answer is ‘no’. These products are not effective. So, before you lose hope, here are a few Ayurvedic ingredients and Ayurvedic skin care products, such as Angarag from Akansha Herbals, that can actually help. They may take some time, but with regular use, you can get spot-free, clear, and glowing skin back. To purchase the product, you can visit https://www.akanshaherbal.com/

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