5 Best Ayurvedic Packs for a Beautiful Glowing Skin

We all love to have beautiful glowing skin, however, due to ageing, pollution and the use of chemical products we gradually lose youthful skin. This is when most of us start searching for that miracle product or remedy that will do the needful quickly. However, when it comes to skincare, genuine products will never produce results in a short time. It is only the chemically formulated products that contain harsh chemicals, will offer a quick solution to skin problems. Unfortunately, even if not immediately, these products can damage the skin in the long term. So, it is best to rely on nature, because it is the best medicine we have. Without damaging the skin, it can heal your skin effectively. Ayurvedic products and remedies will help you to realise the immense healing power of natural ingredients. To help you to get the desired glow on your skin, let’s check out some of the best Ayurvedic masks and Akansha Herbal’s Ayurvedic skin care products.

Turmeric and Besan Pack

Turmeric is a well-known ingredient that is known for great healing properties. It’s a natural anti-septic product that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, most importantly it has skin tone brightening properties which is why it is used in Hindu marriages and applied on the bride’s and groom’s skin. On the other hand, besan is another useful ingredient that works as an exfoliant and helps to maintain the skin’s pH level. What you need to do is take 1 tablespoon of besan and rose water and mix them with ½ tablespoon of turmeric powder. Make a paste and use it on your face and neck, after waiting for 15 mins wash it off.

Sandalwood Pack

Sandalwood is a go-to product for any type of skin issue. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and can be an immensely effective pack for your dull skin. To make the pack you can use two to three drops of sandalwood oil/ 1 tablespoon of sandalwood paste, almond oil 1tablespoon and an equal amount of honey. Blend it well, apply and leave it for 15-20 minutes before washing it off.

For the same result, you can also use Akansha Herbal’s Angarag black patch pack. Packed with powerful ingredients it can deliver amazing results on regular use.

Honey and Lemon Pack

Honey is packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants (flavonoids), amino acids and many other enzymes, which make honey a reliable anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and healing agent. Lemon on the other hand contains citric acid and vitamin C and has astringent properties. Just to make this mask you have to take 1 tablespoon of organic honey, and some drops of lemon juice. Apply this all over the face, and after leaving for 20 mins, wash your face.

Yoghurt and Turmeric Pack

Yoghurt is an amazing ingredient that contains lactic acids, vitamins and minerals. So, yoghurt itself is a great ingredient for the skin as it helps to hydrate the skin and keep it moisturised. Now, adding mixing turmeric with it will make a super-pack that not only will give you a glowing skin but also, bright and clean skin. So, go ahead and add one tablespoon of turmeric, and 3 tablespoons of yoghurt.

Want the same result? Then you can also rely on Akansha Herbal’s Ayurvedic skin care products as the suitable products will offer similar effective results.

Oatmeal, Orange juice and Honey Pack

Oatmeal works wonder for the skin as it helps to exfoliate the skin and get rid of stubborn dirt, dead skin cell and excess oil. By adding honey and orange juice you can use this power pack to reduce tan, pigmentation, and skin ageing, and give a glow to the skin. You can buy Herbal’s beauty products from Akansha Herbals for similar results.


These are some of the best Ayurvedic packs that someone who wants to restore the glow on the face can use. However, one must remember no matter whichever mask and product they try it is important to use them continuously for achieving the best result. So, now you have some of the best Ayurvedic remedies and Akansha Herbal’s Ayurvedic skin care products to include in your daily skincare routine. You just need to start using them quickly to get the best result. Have more beauty concerns? Then, you can check out other Akansha Herbal products by browsing their website.

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