4 Ayurvedic Winter Skincare Tips for Baby’s Skin

As winter’s cold winds arrive, parents all over prepare to shield their children from the severe cold. It is just as important to keep your child’s delicate skin in good condition with moisturisers, along with necessary warm clothes and blankets. In Ayurveda, old knowledge gives many natural ways to protect your baby’s skin in the cold season. These include things like lentils, turmeric, saffron aloe vera etc. Here in this blog, we have discussed the various Ayurvedic skin care products and ingredients that can help keep a baby’s skin in the best condition.

Top Ayurvedic Solutions to Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy During Winter

Here are some of the top Ayurvedic skincare products and tips that you can use to keep your baby’s skin healthy.


Lentils are very good for health and also they can be used to clean the skin. If you make lentils into a soft powder, they help take away old skin cells and dirt softly without irritating the skin. Using cleansers made from lentils for your baby’s skincare can maintain their smooth, clear and glowing skin. These kinds of cleansers are soft and suitable for the sensitive skin of a baby. Products made from lentils keep the skin’s natural oils instead of taking them away as strong chemical cleansers do, which stops the skin from getting dry and keeps it well-moisturised.

For the same results, you can use Akansha Herbal’s Tarunima, an Ayurvedic skincare product for babies.


Turmeric is well-known for its properties that reduce inflammation and fight microbes, which makes it an important component in skincare during the winter season. It is helpful in calming skin that is dry and irritated, and it also helps to stop infections caused by bacteria. Baby creams and lotions with Ayurvedic turmeric help to moisturize deeply, defending against dry skin and discomfort. They seal moisture in, maintaining the softness and flexibility of your baby’s skin all day long. Turmeric is good for the skin to heal and fix itself, so it’s a very good option for little children who have skin problems that get worse in cold winter times.

For babies with dry skin, here are some top Ayurvedic solutions that can offer the best treatments.


Saffron contains many antioxidants which safeguard the skin against harm from free radicals and outside pressures. It makes the skin tone lighter and encourages a glowing, vibrant appearance. Oils or creams with saffron make the skin fresh and feed it well, fighting against tired and not bright skin. They make the skin smoother and help to have a consistent colour. It is calming and gentle, so it’s good for babies who have sensitive or irritated skin. It also lessens redness and swelling, which helps ease discomfort.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera acts as a moisturiser that comes from nature, it has calming effects and helps to keep the skin moist. It goes deep into the skin to give quick comfort for dryness and any uncomfortable feeling. Ayurvedic baby creams and ointments with aloe vera create a shield on the skin, protecting it from tough outside elements. These items assist in stopping the loss of moisture and keeping the skin healthy. Aloe vera helps the skin to heal and regenerate, which is very good for babies who have small cuts, scrapes or diaper rash. It contains things that lower inflammation, decrease redness and swelling and help the skin to get better quickly.

You can also check out other baby skincare products from the house of Akansha Herbals in their herbal shop online.


Using Ayurvedic skincare items in your baby’s routine during winter can maintain their skin well-moisturised and glowing. With the use of ingredients like lentils, turmeric, saffron, and aloe vera, you offer soft and natural protection for your baby’s sensitive skin to keep them cosy and joyful when it is cold. So, just check out various Akansha Herbal’s Ayurvedic skincare products to give the best to your baby.

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